Newsletter Archives - 2014

  • January
    Publication Highlights: "Comprehensive Survey of Hand Hygiene Measurement and Improvement Practices in the Veterans Health Administration" and "Ethical Obligation for Restricting the Number of Embryos Transferred to Women: Combating the Multiple-Birth Epidemic from In Vitro Fertilization"

  • February
    Publication Highlights: "A Randomized Controlled Trial Assessing the Feasibility of Examination Room Versus Conference Room Teaching in a Psychiatric Setting" and "Nursing Home Social Services Directors who Report Thriving at Work"

  • March
    Resource Highlight: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

  • April
    Publication Highlights: "A Conceptual Model of Family Surrogate End-of-Life Decision-Making Process in the Nursing Home Setting: Goals of Care as Guiding Stars" and "The Role of Patient Engagement in Personalized Healthcare"

  • May
    Resource Highlight: International Code of Ethics

  • June
    Publication Highlight: Practicing Medicine and Ethics: Integrating Wisdom, Conscience, and Goals of Care

  • July
    Publication Highlight: Ethical Challenges for Accountable Care Organizations: A Structured Review

  • August
    Publication Highlight: Cancer, Ethical Issues related to Diagnosis and Treatment

  • September
    Publication Highlight: Expanding humanities training beyond medical school

  • October
    Publication Highlight: Assessing Effective Teaching: What Medical Students Value When Developing Evaluation Instruments

  • November
    Publication Highlight: Patient Care and Population Health: Goals, Roles and Costs

  • December
    Publication Highlight: Living as a Young Adult with a Chronic Complex Medical Condition