Newsletter Archives - 2017

  • January
    Publication Highlight: 'I Wish Someone Watched Me Interview:' Medical Student Insight into Observation and Feedback as a Method for Teaching Communication Skills During the Clinical Years.'

  • February
    National Academy of Medicine: Action Collaborative on Clinician Well-Being and Resilience

  • March
    Publication Highlight: Introduction of Tele-ICU in Rural Hospitals: Changing Organizational Culture to Harness Benefits

  • April

  • May
    Resource Highlight: Fostering Integrity in Research

  • June
    Publication Highlight: Ethical Management of Patients with Cancer and Mental Illness

  • July
    Publication Highlight: Dis-Integration of Communication in Healthcare Education: Workplace Learning Challenges and Opportunities

  • August
    Resource Highlight: Undocumented Immigrants and Health Care Access in the United States

  • September
    Publication Highlight: Concepts of Health, Ethics, and Communication in Shared Decision Making

  • October
    Publication Highlight: Ethical Issues in Long-Term Care: A Human Rights Perspective

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