Newsletter Archives - 2018

  • January
    Resource Highlight: Fostering Integrity in Research (consensus study report)

  • February

  • March
    Resource Highlight: Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 

  • April
    Resource Highlight: Assessment of Patients' Competence to Consent to Treatment 

  • May
    Publication Highlight:  Analysis of state laws on informed consent for clinical genetic testing in the era of genomic sequencing 

  • June 
    Publication Highlight: Don't be mean: Treat your team members with respect

  • July
    Publication Highlight: Rethinking medical oaths using the Physician Charter and ethical virtues

  • August
    Publication Highlight: Do surgeons and patients/parents value shared decision-making in pediatric surgery? A systematic review

  • September
    Bioethics Resource: Medical Professionalism Best Practices: Professionalism in the Modern Era 

  • October
    Publication Highlight: Book Chapter "Coercion and consent in smallpox vaccination" 

  • November
    Publication Highlight: 'They need to tell you and not just do it': Veteran and physician perspectives on point-of-care research in VA

  • December
    Committee Opinion NO. 759: Ethical Considerations for Performing Gynecological Surgery in Low-Resource Settings Abroad