Newsletter Archives - 2019

  • January
    Publication Highlight: In Support of Goals-of-Care Discussions in Shared Decision Making - An Extended Response to the Rejoinders

  • February
    Publication Highlight: Reconceptualizing Harms and Benefits in the Genomic Age

  • March
    Bioethics Resource: International Compilation of Human Research Standards

  • April

  • May
    Publication Highlight: Prospect Theory Concepts Applied to family Members of Nursing Home Residents with Cancer: A Good Ending is a Gain

  • June

  • July

  • August
    Publication Highlight: Navigating the Choppy Waters Between Public Safety and Humane Care of the Prisoner-Patient: The Role of the Ethics Consultant

  • September
    In Memoriam:   Richard M. Caplan, MD.  July 16, 1929 - August 20, 2019

  • October
    Publication Highlight: Wisdom in Medical Decision Making

  • November
    Publication Highlight: Ethical Issues Encountered During the Medical Student Surgical Clerkship
    Bioethics Resource: Physician Aid in Dying - What It Is and What Isn't

  • December
    Publication Highlight: Attitudes About Sickness Presenteeism in Medical Training: Is There a Hidden Curriculum?
    Bioethics Educational Topic of the Month: Evaluation of a Surrogate Decision-Maker - What if the Surrogate Does not Seem to Represent the Patient's Previously Expressed Wishes?