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Elective Courses

Elective CBIO Courses

This list of elective courses is not conclusive. Departments may remove or change their class listings, titles, or codes without notification. In those cases we recommend you search under the department code for alternate classes

Graduate students may take electives not on this list after discussion with their advisor or Dr. Dupuy.  Generally speaking, graduate courses in biomedical sciences and biostatistics/bioinformatics will be approved. Electives should be used as a means to enhance your understanding of your research area or skills to fulfill your research goals. 

In cases where a class is cross-listed, it does not matter to CBIO which code you register under. 


Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

  • Introduction to Protein Structures; BMB/BIOC:7251 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Enzymes, Carbohydrates, Nucleic Acids, and Bioenergetics; BMB/BIOC:7252 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Metabolism 1; BMB/BIOC:7253 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Metabolism 2; BMB/BIOC:7254 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Metabolism 3 and Biosignaling; BMB/BIOC:7255 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Molecular Biology; BMB/BIOC:7256 (1 sh) (Spring)

Anatomy & Cell Biology

  • Mechanism of Cellular Organization; MMED/ACB:6220 (3 sh) (Fall)
  • Critical Thinking Biochem & Mol Biology; ACB:6237 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Critical Thinking in Cell Biology; ACB:6239 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Growth Factor Receptor Signaling; ACB/MMED:6225 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Cell Cycle Control; ACB/MMED:6226 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Cell Fate Decisions; ACB/MMED:6227 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Molecular Physiology; MMED:8115 (4 sh) (Fall)


  • Ion Channel Pharmacology; PCOL:6207 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Growth Factor Receptor Signaling; PCOL:6225 (1 sh) (Spring)
  • Receptors and Cell Signaling; PCOL:6210 (1 sh) (Spring)


  • Critical Thinking in Genetics ACB:6238 (1 sh) (Fall/Spring)
  • Human Molecular Genetics; GENE:7191 (3 sh) (Spring)
  • Translational Histopathology; PATH:5260 (3 sh) (Fall)
  • Genetic Analysis of Biological Systems GENE:6150 (3 sh) (Fall)

Bioinformatics & Biostatistics

  • Introduction to Biostatistics BIOS:4120 (3 sh) (Spring/Summer/Fall)
  • Basic Biostatiscs and Experimental Design; PCOL:5204 (1 sh) (Fall)
  • Basic Biostatistical Methods with Genetics Applications; GENE:6234 (1sh) (Spring)
  • Practical Data Science & Bioinformatics; CBIO:3310 (3 sh) (Spring)
  • Computational Bioinformatics; BME:5335 (3 sh) (Spring)
  • Bioinformatics; GENE:4213 (4 sh) (Fall)

Free Radical Biology

  • Redox Biology & Medicine; FRRB:7000 (4 sh) (Spring)


  • Pathogenesis of Major Diseases; PATH:5270 (3 sh) (Spring)