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Jared M. McLendon, PhD

Jared M. McLendon, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Dept. of Internal Medicine

Training Mentor: Ryan Boudreau 

Email: jared-mclendon@uiowa.edu

Research Projects

Cardiac stress causes detrimental changes in gene expression. Overall, my research is focused on characterizing post-transcriptional responses and evaluating their relevance to therapeutic development for cardiovascular disease. RNA binding proteins (RBPs) contribute significantly to post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression; however, few studies have evaluated RBPs in cardiac stress. We aim to identify pathogenic and protective RNA binding proteins (RBPs) in heart and to evaluate whether modulation of their activities is effective to manipulate cardiac gene expression for therapeutic benefit.

T-32 Supported Publications and Presentations

Training Activities

  • Served as an executive officer for the University of Iowa Postdoctoral Association (August 2016 - present) (secretary/treasurer).
  • Training Courses Attended:
    • "American Heart Association Scientific Sessions"
    • "Writing an effective NIH biosketch"
    • "Bioinformatics Summer Short Course "
    • "Careers Outside the Academy"
  • Meetings with Hosted Speakers
    • Dr. Jeanne M. Nerbonne
    • Dr. John Wemmie
    • Dr. Vincent A. Magnotta.
  • Trained two undergraduate students in general laboratory skills, mouse husbandry, and basic molecular biology.