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Katie Weihbrecht, BS, PhD

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

College of Pharmacy/Pharmaceutical Sciences and Experimental Therapeutics

Trainee Mentor: Ethan J. Anderson, PhD

email: katie-weihbrecht@uiowa.edu  

Research Project

Prohibitin has been shown to rescue cardiac function post LPS treatment in the mouse but the role of PHB in the innate immune response to LPS remains unclear. Overall, my research focuses on identifying PHB interactors specific to the immune response to LPS, the effects of recombinant PHB treatment on endogenous PHB levels and known downstream pathways, and the movement of endogenous PHB within the cell in response oxidative stress. As a mitochondria membrane protein that shows increased serum concentrations following LPS treatment, it is of great interest for us to determine how stress affects the intra and extra cellular localization of PHB. 

Training Activities

Meeting with ACRC speakers Dr. David L. Mattson, Dr. Mutsuo Ikebe, and Dr. Dwight A. Towler