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How should I recruit and enroll employees at my site?

Each site team will submit their own Case Finding and Recruitment Plan. This plan will outline how you will be identifying employees who have been tested for COVID-19 at your site. Many sites are working closely with their employee health department to recruit employees who have been tested. You will maintain a Recruitment and Screening Log of all the employees who have been tested, with their names, test results, test date, and contact information.  The Data Coordinating Center will send you instructions on how to select employees from your Recruitment and Screening Log to invite to and enroll in the project.

How many employees should I enroll from my site?

We would like each site to invite all employees with positive COVID-19 tests, then a random sample of 3 COVID-19-negative employees for each COVID-19-positive employee. Thus the number of employees you will enroll will be dependent on the number of COVID-19 positive employees and the total number of employees tested at your site. We will be sharing a procedure for selecting the negative controls, and we will offer sites a Microsoft Excel macro that will simplify this selection procedure.

How can I track participants in my own site?

Each site should maintain a Recruitment and Screening Log, which may be set up differently at each site.  Some sites are using spreadsheets maintained on a secure password-protected server and others are using a local secure REDCap database.  But the information maintained on the Recruitment and Screening Log at all sites should include at a minimum, the names, test results, test date, and email address or telephone number of the tested employees. Only enrolled participants will be directed to the project-wide REDCap database.

How should I communicate with participants?

Sites are encouraged to register a project-specific e-mail for communication with participants.  That will permit you to communicate without using a coordinator’s personal e-mail.  This will also be a good place for employees to communicate that they decline to be contacted about the project.

What information will be requested weekly from my site?

Every week, we need to know the number of employees at your site who were tested, the number who tested positive, the number on your Recruitment and Screening Log, the number you invited into the project, and the number who were administered COVID-19 vaccines.  This tracking allows CDC to monitor progress across all sites.

Will you have site recruitment materials?

Yes. We expect to release recruitment materials for use at each site over the coming weeks.

How urgent is the information that we need to provide to the Data Coordinating Center?

Every week, data will be transferred form the Data Coordinating Center to the CDC.  Because of that, it is important that data be verified in a timely fashion in the REDCap database. 

When will we get started?

We are hoping to start in early January. 

What do I do if I have questions?

If you have questions, please contact the Data Coordinating Center at EmergencyIDNet-PREVENT@uiowa.edu.