Center for Procedural Skills and Simulation Room Guidelines

The Center for Procedural Skills and Simulation (CPSS) asks all users to abide by the following guidelines for all CPSS-affiliated spaces. This includes HPR4 00147 (CPSS Classroom), HPR4 00152 (Virtual Simulation Lab), and HPR4 00170A-D (Simulation Center rooms).


Room Guidelines

Hours of Operation -- Normal CPSS hours are from 7:30AM-4:30PM. After hours and weekend access need to be approved in advance by CPSS before scheduling an event. For approved users, the Virtual Simulation Lab is available for 24/7 badge access.
Location – CPSS is located in LL2 of the Pomerantz Family Pavilion (PFP) and most readily accessible from the K elevators. Please ensure your learners know how to find the K elevators, as they are ‘Staff Only’ and are not clearly labeled.
Food and Beverages – No food or beverages are permitted in the Virtual Simulation Lab and Simulation Center rooms. Only covered beverages are permitted in the Classroom. A common break room with a refrigerator and microwave is available for use just outside of the Classroom.


Use of Supplies and Equipment

Items located in CPSS are for simulation only. Many items look similar to those in patient care; check to ensure all simulation items stay in simulation areas and are not used for patient care.
Learners are welcome to use supplies and equipment provided in simulation rooms, but availability may change. We strongly recommend facilitators bring their own supplies or equipment if specific items are needed.

Review of Space – All facilitators are required to schedule an in-person review of reserved space at least 1 week prior to scheduled event. Facilitators who have made previous room reservations are encouraged to schedule a review, but not required.


Room Fee Schedule 

Cost Description Regular Hours (7:30AM-4:30PM)*
Simulation Rooms                                                                                                                                                                                   
    Simulation HPR4 00170-A,B,C,D (per room)  $200 half day; $400 full day
    Virtual Simulation Room  HPR4 00152
    Classroom (HPR4 00147)  $200 half day; $400 full day
Bioskills Laboratory Both rooms are suited for remote learning and video capture  
     Bioskills Lab North** – HPR4 00143  $600 half day; $1,200 full day
     Bioskills Lab South** – HPR4 00143-A
     Cadaver Package
        -Include cadaver, procurement from UI Deeded Bodies Program, PPE, cadaver storage
         staff availability, and disposal 
 $2,200 per cadaver
     Central Venous Catheter Training
       -Includes up to 3 hours of time, supplies, and access to CPSS Staff and didactic materials
 $750 per learner
     Video Recording
      -Full range of video production services available
Please consutl CPSS staff for pricing and options 
- Additional combinations of rooms and resources are available upon confirmation with CPSS staff
- Fees must be received on/or before the start of the event and must be paid in the form of MFK or check made out to 'Center for Procedural Skills and Simulation'

*outside of regular operating hours subject to 150% increase. Half days are for up to 4 hours of use including setup and cleanup. 

** Bioskills North has 16 individual workstations and microscopes. 
** Bioskills South is an open workspace with OR booms