BioSkills Lab - 2,040 ft2

BioSkills Lab North

Simulations and Trainings

  • Temporal Bone labs
  • Live tissue lab
  • Synthetic tissue simulation
  • Suture courses




BioSkills Lab South

Simulations and Training

  • Cadaver labs
  • OR simulations
  • vendor exercises and demonstrations
  • Simulated tissue labs


Conference/Classroom - 2251 ft2

cpss classrom

Educational Courses and Trainings

  • Conferences, in person and video 
  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • ATLS courses
  • TSDD

Simulation Rooms - 2244 ft2

cpss sim lab
Room A (OR)
cpss sim lab
Room B (CVC)
simlab room c
Room C
simlab room d
Room D


Simulations and Trainings

  • Standardized patient simulations
  • Educational video shoots
  • Pediatric simulations
  • Central Line practice/testing
  • Outpatient simulations
  • Mock Codes
  • Manakin based task trainer simulations
  • Simulated patient care courses

Virtual Simulation Lab

CPSS Virtual Simulation Room

Simulations and Trainings

  • FES Training/Testing
  • FLS Training/Testing
  • Bronch Training
  • daVinci remote training
  • Vendor equipment demonstrations