About Us

We take pride in providing leading-edge patient care, advancing the field of surgery through first-rate research, and providing superior education to the next generation of high-quality surgeons.

The UI Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery is committed to saving lives – and improving our patients’ quality of life– through excellent surgical techniques and extraordinary patient care. Our surgeons and medical professionals address a wide variety of complex cardiac and thoracic medical issues, from minimally invasive heart and cancer surgery to heart and lung transplants for both pediatric and adult patients.

We provide critical and unique resources in the State of Iowa. We are committed to innovative surgical procedures and techniques. Our faculty’s clinical care is continually informed by cutting edge basic science and clinical research. We seek to translate the latest discoveries from research bench to patient bedside as well as into every aspect of education.

We take pride in training the next generation of surgeon-scientists and clinical surgeons. Our fellows, residents, and medical students are exposed to revolutionary medicine and surgical techniques that will enhance their skills. Our faculty value the opportunity to shape today’s learners into tomorrow’s best and brightest surgeons.