Primary Care Sports Medicine

The Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship is an ACGME-accredited fellowship program offering two fellowship positions per year (organized in collaboration with the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, and Orthopaedic Surgery and Rehabilitation).

The goal of the Primary Care Sports Medicine fellowship is to provide a comprehensive and diverse educational experience in the field of Sports Medicine.  Graduates will possess the clinical competence necessary to diagnose and manage both medical illnesses as well as injuries related to sports and exercise impacting a variety of athletes and physically active patient populations.

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, fellows will train under the guidance of Board-certified Sports Medicine physicians from the disciplines of Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, Orthopaedic Surgery, Pediatrics, and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  A well-rounded, longitudinal curriculum boasts robust experience in non-operative orthopaedics, pertinent Sports Medicine procedures, and world-class musculoskeletal ultrasound instruction.  The fellowship will also provide opportunities to function in the role of team physician for high school and NCAA Division I student-athletes.

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