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Simulation and Procedure Labs

Simulation is a rapidly growing and evolving area of medical education. Management of critically ill patients, treatment algorithms, and team leadership skills are only a few of the essential proficiencies that are taught and practiced using medical simulation. Iowa has dedicated faculty with special expertise and focus on Simulation Education. The program utilizes high fidelity simulators including both the Laerdal SimMan® and SimBaby®.  Throughout residency, simulation is used to reinforce concepts in patient care and teamwork. In addition, Simulation Faculty are continually working to expand the role of simulation for education, including in-situ scenarios that take place in the Emergency Department during clinical shifts.

Procedure labs are incorporated throughout the residency to augment the procedural skills that residents attain during clinical practice. The residency uses several “task-trainers” including “The Central Line Man System”, “The Trauma Man System” and various airway trainers to practice procedures including central line placement, chest tube placement, cricothyrotomies, and emergency airway management. The residents also participate in slit-lamp labs, splinting workshops, and ENT procedure labs on a regular basis. In addition, residents are given the opportunity to participate in a cadaver lab to further hone procedural skills.