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 Nicholas Mohr, MD, MS Emergency Medicine PSTP Co-Director
 Research: Regionalization networks for critical illness, telehealth, sepsis, stroke
 Hobbies: Playing with my kids, sailing

 "Twelve years ago, I joined the University of Iowa because of the collaborative environment in a world-class medical center. What keeps me here, though, are the great people and our institutional commitment to practice-changing innovation and biomedical research. We started the PSTP to grow the cadre of innovators imagining the future of emergency care, capitalizing on the diversity of research being done in the Carver College of Medicine and throughout the University of Iowa. My research area focuses on developing acute care regionalization networks and novel care delivery platforms, especially for those with critical illness. The strength of our institution is in the depth and diversity of the work that we do and the great people we meet along the way."






Michael Takacs, MD, MS
Emergency Medicine PSTP Co-Director
Emergency Medicine Residency Program Director

"I have been at the U of Iowa for 16 years, clerkship Director for 8 years, Residency Director for 8 years and have led a Learning Community for 5 years! At work I enjoy teaching whether it be at the bedside, residency conference, or the medical school.  My research includes education, QI, and alcohol related emergencies.  In my spare time I enjoy golfing, skiing, triathlons, and all types of fishing including ice fishing.  My favorite dessert is ice cream and my favorite food is sushi."