ED Research Enroller Program

The Department of Emergency Medicine launched a research enroller program (ED-REP) in June 2015 to provide infrastructure for prospective enrollment of emergency department (ED) patients into clinical studies. A team of research assistants screen patients in the ED to identify those who qualify for various federally, foundation, or industry-funded studies as well as departmental research projects.

In addition to screening patients for eligibility, ED-REP duties also include:

  • Recruitment and informed consent
  • Data collection procedures
  • Subject follow-up
  • Medical chart abstraction

The goals of this program are to conduct high quality clinical acute care research and facilitate future funding for ED-based research projects. The program provides 24 hour coverage 7-days a week.   

ED-REP availability:

  • 24 hours/day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

Currently, 80% of our ED REP team get accepted to a medical school program of their choosing.  

For more information about the ED Research Enroller Program please contact:

Cathy Fairfield, RN, BSN 
Research Coordinator