The Wolfe Foundation Lecture

Dr WolfeThe Wolfe Foundation Lecture was begun in 1969 and has been delivered nearly annually by some of the most distinguished ophthalmologists in the world. As such it has become one of the most prestigious ophthalmic lectureships and a cornerstone of the education program of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

The Wolfe Foundation created this endowment to honor Dr. Otis D. Wolfe, the son of Dr. Otis R. Wolfe, the founder of the Wolfe Clinic in Marshalltown, Iowa. In addition the Wolfe Foundation provides charitable eye care to the needy and supports ophthalmic research and education.

The Wolfe Clinic is a private association of ophthalmologists and otolaryngologists founded by Dr. Otis R. Wolfe in Marshalltown, Iowa, in 1919. Dr. Wolfe established the Wolfe Foundation in 1938 for two purposes:

  1. to provide charitable eye care to the needy, and
  2. to support ophthalmic research and education.

To help fulfil the second purpose, Otis D. Wolfe (the son of Otis R. Wolfe) instituted the Wolfe Lectures in 1969. Funds provided by the Wolfe Foundation are used to invite distinguished ophthalmologists and scientists throughout the country to participate in the teaching program of the Department of Ophthalmology.

Wolfe Foundation Lectures

To fulfill the vision established by Otis R. Wolfe, the Foundation continues to support programs including:

  • Donating physician surgical time and paying medical expenses for several Iowans in need each year.
  • Purchasing and donating surgical equipment to hospitals throughout Iowa.
  • Supporting medical mission trips to under-developed regions of the world.
  • Sponsoring public education programs to increase awareness of sight threatening diseases.

Wolfe Foundation Lecturers

1969, Leonard Christensen, MD

1970, Irving H. Leopold, MD

1971, Lorenz E. Zimmerman, MD

1972, Morton F. Goldberg, MD

1973, Francis A. L'Esperance, MD

1974, Nicholas G. Douvas, MD

1975 , William S. Tasman, MD

1976, H. MacKenzie Freeman, MD

1977, Morton E. Smith, MD

1978, Dan B. Jones, MD

1979, David Paton, MD

1980, Stuart I. Brown, MD

1981, David L. Guyton, MD

1982, William S. Tasman, MD

1983, Peter R. Laibson, MD

1984, H. Dunbar Hoskins, MD

1987, Paul F. Palmberg, MD, PhD

1989, Arthur J. Jampolsky, MD

1990, George O. Waring, III, MD

1991, J. Donald M. Gass, MD

1992, Gerald A. Fishman, MD

1993, M. Bruce Shields, MD

1994, Thomas M. Aaberg, MD

1995, Lars Frisen, MD

1996, Carl A. Kupfer, MD

1997, Neil R. Miller, MD

1998, Albert W. Biglan, MD

1999, I. Howard Fine, MD

2000, Howard V. Gimbel, MD

2001, Steve A. Arshinoff, MD

2002, David F. Chang, M.D.

2003, Samuel Masket, MD

2004, John M. Graether, MD

2004, Gunter K. von Noorden, MD

2005, Terrence P. O'Brien, MD

2006, David Parke II, MD

2007, David M. Brown, MD

2008, Hans E. Grossniklaus, MD, MBA

2009, James A. Davison, MD

2010, Joel S. Schuman, MD

2011, Brian Little, BSc, MA, DO, FHEA, FRCS, FRCOphth

2012, Amar Agarwal, MS, FRCS, FRCOphth

2013, Bonnie An Henderson, MD

2014, Carla J. Siegfried, MD

2016, Lisa B. Arbisser, MD

2017, John C. Hart Jr., MD, FACS

2018, Susan MacDonald, MD

2019, Steven G. Safran, MD, PA

2021, Vance M. Thompson, MD