Our Mission

The mission of the University of Iowa Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences is to provide the highest quality, accessible and cost-effective patient care while contributing to the global effort to alleviate all diseases of the eye through teaching and research.

To Achieve these Goals

We pledge to provide the highest quality of ethical medical care to the people of Iowa and this region whom we serve, and to all others who entrust us with their medical care. We strive to meet our educational commitment by sharing our knowledge and understanding with our patients, their families, students, resident and fellow trainees, and collaborating colleagues in practice and academia.

We accept the formidable challenge and responsibility to advance medical knowledge of human vision through basic and clinical research.

We commit to our patients and to our trainees and students the highest priority of our professional lives.

We recognize that to accomplish our goals we must work together as a team, support, encourage, recognize and reward teaching others as we collaboratively share this solemn responsibility.