Glaucoma Research Society elects UI glaucoma specialist

John Fingert, MD, PhDA scientific association of glaucoma researchers selected University of Iowa professor of ophthalmology John Fingert, MD, PhD, for inclusion into membership. 

The Glaucoma Research Society is a prestigious group of glaucoma researchers who discuss and stimulate compelling or innovative research to prevent glaucoma-related disability worldwide. Membership includes 86 active members, 35 emeritus and 6 honorary members representing 26 countries.

Fingert joins University of Iowa faculty Lee Alward, Chris Johnson, and Sohan Hayreh (emeritus member) in the Society. He holds the Hadley-Carver Chair in Glaucoma and directs the Glaucoma Genetics Lab at the University of Iowa.

Glaucoma Research Society

Thursday, October 11, 2018