Howe and Noyes selected for Fellowship

Primary eye care providers, Drs. Vera Howe and Marcus Noyes were awarded Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry during the Academy 2019 and 3rd World Congress of Optometry in Orlando, FL.

Professionals who become Fellows of the Academy must complete a rigorous candidacy process. Candidates submit extensive written work and must also pass an oral examination. A panel of leading optometrists and vision scientists must approve both the written work and oral examination.

Fewer than ten percent of practicing optometrists are Fellows of the Academy.  The two join University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics colleagues Drs. Khadija Shahid, Christine Sindt, and Mark Wilkinson as Fellows with the American Academy of Optometry.

Marcus Noyes Vera Howe

Drs. Marcus Noyes and Vera Howe pose while accepting the Fellowship

UI Optometrist Group

Optometrists from University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics gathered for a photograph while attending the Academy 2019 Orlando and 3rd World Congress of Optometry. Pictured are Drs. Khadija Shahid, Sara Downes, Mark Wilkinson, Vera Howe, Christine Sindt, Alison Bozung (former faculty), and Marcus Noyes.

Friday, November 1, 2019