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Iowa Eye alumni earn AAO recognition

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Advocacy on behalf of ophthalmology and service to the profession are instilled during residency and fellowship training at the University of Iowa. Alumni of our training programs carry this mindset with them throughout their careers.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) recognizes its members for different types of achievements through their annual award program. Congratulations to all Iowa Eye alumni among the 2020 awardees!

Senior Achievement Honor Awards

Richard Allen, MD, PhD (99R, 00F, 06F, former faculty) – MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX

August Colenbrander, MD (former faculty) – retired, Greenbrae, CA

Thomas Graul, MD (00F) – Eye Surgical Associates, Lincoln, NE

Achievement Awards

Steven Christiansen, MD (17R) – private practice, Bend, OR

Edward Colloton, MD (83MD, 87R) – retired Bloomington, IL

Jiaxi Ding, MD (16F) – Duke Eye Center, Winston Salem, NC

J. Kevin McKinney, MD (93R, 95F) – Eye Health Northwest, Oregon City, OR

T. Hunter Newsom, MD (00R) – Newsom Eye & Laser Center, Tampa, FL

Steven Bailey, MD (02MD) – Casey Eye Institute, Portland, OR

Sunil Gupta, MD (94F) – Retina Specialty Institute, Pensacola, FL

Brian Privett, MD (11R) – Iowa Eye Center, Cedar Rapids, IA

Kimberly Winges, MD (13F) – VA Medical Center, Portland, OR

Secretariat Awards

Alex Cohen, MD, PhD (10R, 11F) – Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Iowa City, IA

Pavlina Kemp, MD (10MD, 14R) – University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, Iowa City, IA

Jill Melicher-Larson, MD (09F) – Minnesota Eye Consultants, Bloomington, MN

Laurie Gray Barber, MD (84MD) – Little Rock Eye Clinic, Little Rock, AR

J. Kevin McKinney, MD (93R, 95F) – Eye Health Northwest, Oregon City, OR

More information about the AAO Award programs: www.aao.org/about/awards/program

Tuesday, October 6, 2020