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Iowa Eye meeting recap

Iowa Eye 2017

Ophthalmologists and alumni from around the Midwest and across the U.S. gathered in June for the 2017 Iowa Eye Annual Meeting and Alumni Reunion.  The meeting featured an impressive lineup of renowned speakers, stimulating talks and interesting cases (recording below).

Attendees had a great time connecting with colleagues and friends.  Check out who was there (https://iowaeyealumni.shutterfly.com/).

Next year’s meeting will take place on June 8-9, 2018 so mark your calendar and plan to join us!

 If video fails to load, use this link: https://vimeo.com/224304450 

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0:00 Welcome Remarks by Richard J. Olson, MD

1:20 P.J. Leinfelder Award Announcement by Michael D. Wagoner, MD, PhD

3:05 P.J. Leinfelder Award Recipient Presentation #1 (Best Fellow Presentation) by Johanna D. Beebe, MD

12:45 Leinfelder Award Recipient Presentation #2 (Best Resident Presentation) by Brittni A. Scruggs, MD, PhD

23:15 Introduction of Braley Lecture by Elliott H. Sohn, MD

27:50 Alson E. Braley Lecture: Advanced Implants for Ophthalmology by Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD

1:15:16 Progress in Curing Inherited Retinal Diseases by Elliott H. Sohn, MD

1:32:40 An Algorithm for the Workup of Infantile/Congenital Nystagmus by Arlene V. Drack, MD

1:53:55 Introduction to Wolken Ethics Lecture by Keith D. Carter, MD

1:56:20 Wolken Ethics Lecture: Ethics and Leadership in Ophthalmology by Ron W. Pelton, MD, PhD

2:42:02 Iowa Academy of Ophthalmology Update: Scope of Practice 2017 & Beyond by Jeffrianne S. Young, MD

2:52:00 State of the Department by Keith D. Carter, MD

Afternoon Session begins

2:59:00 Tablet-based Visual Field Screenings: There Really is an App for That by Chris A. Johnson, MSc, PhDDSc

3:14:20 Introduction of Wolfe Foundation Lecture by A. Tim Johnson, MD, PhD

3:16:30 Wolfe Foundation Lecture: Diagnosis and Management of Malpositioned IOLs by John C. Hart, Jr, MD, FACs

4:08:35 Man’s Best Friend? A Survey of Data Concerning Dog Bite Risk and Prevention by Ron W. Pelton, MD, PhD, FACs

4:25:28 Intracameral Agents in Anterior Segment Surgery by Michael D. Griess, MD

4:40:30 Pearls for Patients from the Carotenoids in Age Related Eye Disease Study (CAREDS) by Karen M. Gehrs, MD

4:54:52 Going with the Flow by Randy H. Kardon, MD, PhD

5:18:45 MIGS: The Past, the Present, and the Future by Patrick J. Riedel, MD

5:36:00 #nailedit: Managing Ocular Nail Gun Injuries by James G. Howard, MD

5:55:45 From Tried and True to Fresh and New: Using Traditional and Digital in Professional Advocacy by Steven M. Christiansen, MD

6:12:51 End

Friday, June 30, 2017