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Iowa ophthalmologists visit D.C.

Dr. Keith Carter at Mid Year Forum 2018
Residents at Mid Year Forum
Dr. Keith Carter at Mid Year Forum 2018
Faculty and Residents at Mid Year Forum
Residents on Capitol Hill
Daniel Terveen presenting at Mid Year Forum
Current and Former residents at Mid Year Forum

Ophthalmology residents and faculty traveled to Washington D.C. for the 2018 American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Mid-Year Forum.  More than 400 ophthalmologists from across the country gathered at the Forum to learn more about politics, health policy and practice management. The Forum provided ophthalmologists with opportunities to advocate on behalf of patients and their profession.

Several University of Iowa physicians made the trip where they met with government officials and legislators.  Department chair Keith Carter, MD, who serves as President of the AAO, was involved in presentations and briefings throughout the entire Forum.  In between times, he caught up with Iowa residents and alumni.

Several University of Iowa resident physicians attended to learn first-hand about policy making and advocacy, as well as take in the sights. First-time Forum attendee Spenser Morton, MD (PGY3 Resident) shared, “Advocacy really does matters.  These trips and the relationships that are formed in the process actually create momentum shifts when important decisions are being made in the future.”

According to Lindsay DeAndrade, MD (PGY4 Resident), it was “inspiring meeting colleagues who are both current and future leaders in our field.  The coolest part was that many of these leaders are from or have been associated with Iowa in the past!”

Select images courtesy of American Academy of Ophthalmology

Tuesday, May 1, 2018