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Join University of Iowa virtually at AAO 2020

University of Iowa faculty, trainees, and staff will be involved in plenty of live and on-demand sessions throughout this year’s unique AAO Annual Meeting held online November 13-15, 2020.  Tune in to learn about the latest diagnostic and surgical techniques, research advances, and more in the field of ophthalmology.

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Virtual Meeting Live Broadcasts:


  • 12:06PM – 12:35PM CST
  • Session: PED06V
  • Now You See Me – Tell Me What to Do in Therapy for Ocular Genetic Disease
  • 12:20 PM – Therapies for Ocular Genetic Disorders - Arlene Drack, MD
  • 2:30PM – 2:54PM CST
  • Session: RET07V
  • Gene- and Cell-Based Therapies
  • Elliott Sohn, MD (Moderator)


  • 9:40AM – 10:25AM CST
  • Session: SYM54V
  • Academy Café: Cataract
  • Thomas Oetting, MS, MD (Panel)
  • 10:35AM – 11:20AM CST
  • Session: SYM03V
  • Preventing Myopia Progression in the Pediatric Patient
  • Scott Larson, MD (Co-Chair)
  • 10:35AM – 11:20AM CST
  • Session: SYM09V
  • A Practical Approach to Neuro-Ophthalmic Problems: When to Treat and When to Refer!
  • Acute Vision Loss in the Elderly
  • Sophia Chung, MD
  • 5:15PM – 6:00PM CST
  • Session: SPO2V
  • Lessons Learned: How to Prepare for and Recover from Disasters Affecting Your Practice
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equality
  • Keith Carter, MD, FACS (Panel)


  • 10:35AM – 11:20AM CST
  • Session: ISC101
  • Transform/Adjust/Refine Your Perspective: Practical tools to advance Health Equity through Mentorship, Inclusive Research and Diversity within Ophthalmology – Industry Showcase
  • Keith Carter, MD, FACS (Panel)
  • 2:05PM – 2:50PM CST
  • Session: SPE27V
  • 2020 YO Program – Part 1: How to Find and Succeed in Your Dream Job
  • Lindsay De Andrade, MD (Co-Chair)
  • 3:00PM – 3:45PM CST
  • Session: SPE46V
  • 2020 YO Program – Part 2: Bringing Your Skills into FOCUS
  • Lindsay De Andrade, MD (Co-Chair)
    • 4:05PM – 4:50PM CST
    • Session: SYM19V
    • Hot Topics 2020
    • Use of OCT for Papilledema and Pseudopapilledema
    • Randy Kardon, MD, PhD
    • 4:05PM – 4:50PM CST
    • Session: SYM17V
    • 20/20 in Focus: How Technology Will Bring Us Closer to Perfection
    • Artificial Intelligence: The Ethics of Autonomous AI
    • Michael Abràmoff, MD, PhD

    Instruction Courses – Available on Demand:

    • Session: 407
    • Orbital Disorders: Inflammation, Neoplasms and Vascular Malformations
    • Erin Shriver, MD, FACS (Instructor) 
    • Session: 413
    • Mastering the Posterior Capsule: Thinking Out of the Bag Paradigm Shift
    • Thomas Oetting, MS, MD (Instructor)
    • Session: 601
    • Cataract Surgery Pearls for the Young Ophthalmologist
    • Thomas Oetting, MS, MD (Instructor)
    • Session: 648
    • Sexual Harassment in Ophthalmology: How Do I Protect Myself, My Practice and My Trainees in the #Me Too Era?
    • Lauren Hock, MD (Instructor)

    Skills Transfer – Available on Demand:

    • LAB108A
    • Phacoemulsification and Advanced Techniques
    • Thomas Oetting, MS, MD (Instructor)

    Symposiums – Available on Demand:

    • Symposium: SYM14
    • Learning and Teaching Surgery From Residency Through Retirement
    • New Resources and Best Practices for Using Them
    • Thomas Oetting, MS, MD
    • Symposium: SYM50
    • Celebrating the Role of Clinician-Scientists in Advancing Glaucoma Care
    • Personalized Glaucoma Genetics Investigations: Genetic Models of Specific Individuals
    • John Fingert, MD, PhD

    Also Available on Demand:

    • Session: COR05
    • Surgery to Smooth and Save the Surface
    • Pterygium: Techniques and Outcomes
    • Mark Greiner, MD

    Scientific Posters:

    • Session: PO405
    • Phase 3 Trial Update of Voretigene Neparvovec-rzyl in Biallelic RPE65 Mutation–Associated Inherited Retinal Disease
    • Arlene Drack, MD, Stephen Russell, MD, et al.
    • Session: PO407
    • FST to Assess Sepofarsen Patient Response in Leber Congenital Amaurosis Type 10
    • Stephen Russell, MD, Arlene Drack, MD, et al.
    • Session: PO410
    • Phase 1b/2 Trial Results of Intravitreal Sepofarsen RNA Therapy in Leber Congenital Amaurosis 10
    • Stephen Russell, MD (Presenting Author), Arlene Drack, MD, Wanda Pfeifer, COMT, Alina Dumitrescu, MD, et al.

    Other Activities:


    • Ophthalmic Genetics Study Club
    • X-linked Dominant RP - Arlene Drack, MD
    Thursday, November 5, 2020