Medical Student Research Conference Award Winners

Group photo
Pavane Gorrepati, Kelly Yom, and Dabin Choi

The Carver College of Medicine Medical Student Research Conference took place Friday, September 12-14, 2018. The department had outstanding representation and came away with multiple awards. Congratulations to all!

Student Research Awards - Foundation

Francois M. Abboud Prize for Best Platform Presentation (of entire conference)

Kelly Yom, The Effect of Visual Aids in Preoperative Patient Counseling for Oculoplastic Surgery (mentors: Carter, Shriver, and Ko)

Donald D. Heistad Prize for Best Poster Presentation (of entire conference)

Joanna Silverman, EyePrint PRO 3-D Scanned Scleral Contact Lenses: Primary Indications, Visual Outcomes, and Complications (mentor: Greiner and Sindt)

Student Research Awards - Departmental

Thomas A. Weingeist Award in Ophthalmology

Dabin Choi, The Effect of Sleep Position Preference on Periorbital Symmetry (mentors: Carter, Shriver, and Ko)

William E. Scott Research Award in Ophthalmology

Tucker Dangremond, Electrophysiology and optical coherence tomography of the central retina in aniridia due to PAX6 mutations (mentor: Drack)

Hansjoerg E. Kolder Award for Ophthalmology Research

Pavane Gorrepati, The Effect of Eyelid Surgery on the Ocular Surface, Tear Composition, and Meibomian Gland Morphology and Function (mentors: Carter, Shriver, Ko, and Sindt)

Tuesday, September 18, 2018