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Retina Hall of Fame

Retina Hall of FameSeveral alumni, faculty, and former faculty from the University of Iowa were recognized in 2017 for their significant achievements in ophthalmology and retina subspecialty. Each individual listed is a Charter Inductee of the Retina Hall of Fame.

-          Gary Abrams, MD (ʻ78F)

-          Christopher Blodi, MD (ʻ84F, Former Faculty)

-          Michael Bloome, MD FACS (ʻ72F)

-          Jerald Bovino, MD (ʻ78F)

-          David Brown, MD, FACS (ʻ93R, ʻ95F)

-          Thomas Burton, MD (ʻ69F, Former Faculty)

-          James Diamond, MD (ʻ75F, Former Faculty)

-          Nicholas Douvas, MD (ʻ51R, deceased)

-          James Folk, MD (ʻ82F, Faculty)

-          Dennis Han, MD (ʻ86R)

-          Sohan Hayreh, MD, PhD, DSc (Emeritus Faculty)

-          Michael Howcroft, MD (ʻ82F)

-          Alan Kimura, MD, MPH (ʻ89F, Former Faculty)

-          Louis Lobes, MD (ʻ77F)

-          Andrew Packer, MD (Former Faculty)

-          Peter Pavan, MD (ʻ81F)

-          Robert Watzke, MD (Former Faculty)

-          Thomas Weingeist, PhD, MD (ʻ72MD, ʻ75R, ʻ76F, Emeritus Chair)

The full list of Retina Hall of Fame inductees is at https://rhaf.memberclicks.net/charter-inductees 

Monday, December 11, 2017