Superheroes save man’s eyesight

Comic book artist Phillip Hester relies on his vision while creating his artwork. For the past 30 years, his written and artistic materials have been featured in popular titles such as Wonder Woman, Ant-Man, Batman Beyond, and more. 

A change in health led Hester to seek care for vision issues he was experiencing. He learned that he had a progressive corneal disease known as Fuchs’ Dystrophy that threatened not only his eyesight, but his form of expression and livelihood.  A referral visit to the Cornea and External Disease Clinic at UI Hospitals and Clinics confirmed the diagnosis and led Dr. Kenneth Goins to perform corneal transplantation surgery which has restored Hester’s vision and allowed him to continue his craft.

Hester is grateful for the care received from Goins and at UI Hospitals and Clinics, but considers the cornea tissue donors as the ‘superheroes’ for saving his sight! 

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Phil Hester at work

Tuesday, April 11, 2017