Dark Window Exemption Guidelines

Iowa Dark Window Exemption

Effective July 4, 2012


The dark window exemptions will no longer be granted from the minimum standard of transparency.  A motor vehicle fitted with a front windshield, a front side window or a front side wing window with less than 70 percent but not less than 35 percent light transmittance before July 4, 2012, may continue to be maintained and operated after July 4, 2012, so long as the vehicle continues to be used for the transport of a passenger or operator and the dark window exemption which documented a medical need for such reduced transparency, was signed by the person’s physician before July 4, 2012. The exemption must be carried at all times in the vehicle to which it applies. At such time the vehicle is no longer used for the transport of the passenger or operator that is the subject of the exemption, the exemption expires and may not be used on any replacement vehicle purchased after July 3, 2012. The owner of the vehicle to which the exemption applied must return the vehicle to conformance with the minimum standard of transparency within 60 days of expiration of the exemption.