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Michael D. Abramoff, MD, PhD. Presentations

Ethical Framework for Autonomous AI (English | Spanish). Presented at the Annual Artificial Intelligence, Radiology and Healthcare Congress 2021 - Colombian Association of Radiology, May 2021.

The Path Towards Patient Centric AI. Presented at the 125th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Ophthalmological Society, April 2021.

Met with the Ministry of Health in Japan, October 2018

When Machines Become Doctors: The Dawn of an AI-Powered Diagnostic System and Its Implication for the Future [meeting agenda, pdf]. To be presented at the iGHP 20th Monthly Seminar, Monday, October 22, 2018.

Artificial Intelligence for Automated Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Primary Care [meeting abstract, pdf]. Presented at the meeting of the Macula Society, Thursday, February 22, 2018. 

Keynote address presented by Michael Abramoff at SPIE Medical Imaging 2012, Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging: "Automated Detection of Retinal Disease: When Moore's Law Meets Baumol's Cost Disease: The bright future of image based computer (Aided) diagnosis" (alternative video link: YouTube)

Abramoff-Gardner retina debate at the 6th Amsterdam Retina Debate, Dec. 12, 2014. Dr. Abramoff was introduced at timestamp 2:41:24 slide 1064 through 2:47:18 slide 1079. He began speaking at 2:48:37 slide 1085 and ended his presentation at 3:02:05 slide 1135.

Presentation from the Watzke Professorship Investiture Ceremony, June 10, 2016

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