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Happy Medical Assistant Week 2021

Medical Assistant Team in FMC at UIHC

Front row: JP Madlos, Alice Echa, Kari Ness, Nelly Rangel, Busime Kitahaga, Hen Huynh

Back Row: Benedicte Charles, Anthony Bock, Tabata Katile, Deb Tompkins, Adolfo Encarnacion Benitez

Happy Medical Assistant week to this outstanding group!  They have contact with our clinic patients each visit and do an outstanding job.  They also perform 6 different point of care tests, immunize countless patients, draw labs, work prescription renewals, assist with procedures and process stacks of paper work each day.  Additionally they work well as a team, have a great “can do” attitude and collectively speak nine languages.  We are fortunate to have them on our team!

Monday, October 18, 2021