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APP Residency Program

Program Overview:

The Family Medicine Advanced  Practice Provider (APP) Residency is a non-accredited 12-month postgraduate training program associated with the University of Iowa Family Medicine Residency and the University of Iowa Family Medicine-Psychiatry Residency. The program is designed to provide highly qualified graduates of accredited APP training programs with intense training in specialized areas of Family Medicine. As a Family Medicine APP Resident, you will work alongside seasoned clinicians who are MDs, PAs, ARNPs, and physician residents at one of the top medical centers in the country.



A career in healthcare is a long journey. I found a year of PA residency with the family medicine department at UIHC to be an extremely worthwhile investment to make up front. The program is thoughtfully designed and comprehensive, with a practical mixture of clinic time and specialty rotation options. I had access to faculty mentors who helped form my thought process as a family medicine clinician and exposure to a challenging patient panel which gave me time for learning over simply moving through high volume. I am now in my dream job at an FQHC working with a complex and underserved patient population. I will be ever grateful to the team at Iowa for giving me the learning opportunity to be ready to hit the ground running with a solid foundation in family medicine.

-Melissa Blosser, PA-C 2022 graduate 

I am extremely grateful for the UIHC PA residency.  The additional training I received in the residency made me a more well-rounded clinician and much more confident going into my first family medicine job. I was given the opportunity to work with and learn from clinicians in family medicine, psychiatry, dermatology, palliative care, geriatric medicine and urology. I enjoyed my time in the residency and I appreciate the knowledge I gained from the clinicians/teachers I worked with.

-Janie Cain, PA-C, 2021 graduate 

The Family Medicine PA program was an experience I will appreciate forever. The program stretched me out of my comfort zone and improved my skills in many aspects of family medicine. I was able to take care of patients of all ages and backgrounds in both the inpatient and outpatient settings. I gained skills in common office procedures, specific bedside ultrasound techniques, and also enjoyed working in the psychiatry clinic. Throughout my time at UIHC I grew as a clinician and as a person.

- Abigail Schiltz PA-C, 2019 graduate