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Administrative Staff

Jill Borrall Photo  Jill Borrall, MHA, CMPE

  Clinical Department Administrator
  Phone: 1-319-384-7800
  Email: jill-borrall@uiowa.edu


Shiree Wolfswinkel Photo​Shiree Wolfswinkel, MA

Administrative Associate
Phone: 1-319-384-7522
Email: shiree-wolfswinkel@uiowa.edu  


Sanela Omic Photo  Sanela Omic, MHA

  Health Care Services Supervisor/Assistant Manager
  Phone: 1-319-384-5924
  Email: sanela-omic@uiowa.edu 


Keith Provin PhotoKeith Provin, BS

Senior Accountant
Phone: 1-319-384-7766
Email: keith-provin@uiowa.edu  


Sandra Plank PhotoSandra Plank 

Human Resources
Phone: 1-319-384-7949
Email: sandra-plank@uiowa.edu  


Heather Clement Photo  Heather Clement, BS

  Administrative Services Coordinator
  Phone: 1-319-384-7762
  Email: heather-clement@uiowa.edu


Laurie Stebral Photo Laurie Stebral

​  Administrative Services Coordinator
  Assistant to the Chair and DEO
  Phone: 1-319-384-7702
  Email: laurie-stebral@uiowa.edu 

Susan Rundall PhotoSusan Rundall

Clerk IV
Phone:  1-319-384-7706
Email: susan-rundall@uiowa.edu  


Lisa Meeker, portraitLisa Meeker

  Clerk III
  Phone: 1-319-384-7000
  Email: lisa-meeker@uiowa.edu 


Jonathan Burke, portraitJonathan Burke

Support Services Specialist
Phone: 1-319-384-7761
Email: jonathan-burke@uiowa.edu