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Our Services

We have extensive experience with a wide variety of analyses, including:

  • ChIP-Seq
  • RNA-Seq
  • Methyl-Seq
  • ATAC-Seq
  • single-cell RNA-seq (10X)
  • Pathway Analysis / GO enrichment
  • Time series analysis 
  • Targeted re-sequencing
  • Metagenomics (16S and WGS)
  • Exome/Whole Genome variant calling and filtering
  • Metabolomics analysis
  • PacBio IsoSeq long read transcriptomics
  • and more... 

We can also support your lab in other ways: 

  • Grant review and letters of support
  • Figure and table generation for manuscripts
  • Experimental design review and consulting


We are also able to research, adapt and perform a variety of more custom or emerging techniques.  We are happy to meet to discuss the feasibility of developing or implementing any bioinformatics analysis. Please submit an inquiry to the IIHG Bioinformatics Division with a brief description of the project or question and the principal investigator’s name and contact information at iihg-bioinformatics@uiowa.edu.

We recommend that you contact us prior to beginning any experiments requiring bioinformatics analyses to help ensure success of the project.  Our input on experiment design can usually save you money and improve the chances of success in many types of NGS experiments.  


High-quality bioinformatics support and analysis work is expensive.   As the quantity and complexity of datasets increase exponentially, so does the complexity of the analysis methods available and the questions that can be asked of the data.   

In short, expect to spend at least as much as you spent on DNA sequencing on data analysis.  

In the IIHG Bioinformatics core, we have adopted (as of Q1 2021) an hourly billing schema.  Hourly rates are $75/hr (internal) and $120/hr (external to UI).   A typical RNA-seq project might be billed as follows: 

  • Transfer and organize data;  setup pipeline for alignment/quantification and QC (4 hrs)
  • 12 samples x 0.5 hrs/sample for QC and EDA (6 hrs) 
  • 3 DEG contrasts x 6 hrs / contrast (18 hrs)
  • Pathway analysis (2 hrs)
  • NCBI GEO data cataloging and upload for GEO accession creation (4 hrs) 


  •  Manuscript support for figure and table creation, writeup, editing (custom # hrs; can be worked out later) 

Free (Included) 

  • Initial consult meeting
  • Follow up consult meetings for data discussion, outlier removal, batch correction 
  • Methods section write up with references  
  • 3 yrs data archiving and backup on IIHG servers 


34 analyst hours @ $75/hr  =  $2550

Please contact us directly for a custom quote for your project.  We can accept MFKs for billing purposes.  For outside collaborators, we can send an invoice that is payable by check or direct deposit.