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Educational Opportunities

Online Bioinformatics Workshops

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) will host workshops focusing on a bioinformatics tool or software.

Computational Biology Seminar Series

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) hosts informational seminars on key topics and developments in bioinformatics, led by experts in the field. The next Computational Biology Seminar will be scheduled for fall/winter 2020.

Personalized Genomic Medicine: Careers in Bioinformatics and Big Data Information Session

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) is hosting a Careers in Bioinformatics Information Session to expose students to career opportunities that are being created by personalized genomic medicine in bioinformatics and the management of big data. You can learn first-hand about the diversity of career options and job growth in bioinformatics that is occurring with the advent of personalized genomic medicine. Listen to a panel with expertise in bioinformatics, software development, systems administration, clinical informatics, and industry and their role in the field of personalized genomic medicine. Undergraduate students, academic advisors and graduate students wishing to learn more about careers in bioinformatics. Enrollment is limited to 50 participants. 

Bioinformatics Summer Internships

Click here for more information on the summer internship.

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) in collaboration with the Genetics Cluster Initiative (GCI) are offering a Bioinformatics Summer Internship for undergraduate students interested in a bioinformatics and personalized genomic medicine.  The 8-week Bioinformatics Summer Internship Program, intended for undergraduate students and recent graduates, is an excellent opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience in informatics. These internships focus on informatics, under the direction of a faculty member at the University of Iowa.


We provide video learning opportunities for a variety of bioinformatics topics. View past lectures and walkthrough videos on introductory bioinformatics material.

Previous Bioinformatics Education Events

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) has hosted a range of educational opportunities focused on bioinformatics, including hands-on learning sessions, summer short courses in bioinformatics, and more.