Bioinformatics Hands-on Workshops

The IIHG is launching a new initiative to provide hands-on bioinformatics experience through a series of workshops. These hands-on workshops are strictly limited to 12 persons in order to provide individualized attention to each participant. Seats are reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Those who do not get a seat will be added to a waitlist. Should a seat open up, we will contact individuals on the waitlist. We do plan on hosting these workshops throughout the year, however the frequency has not yet been identified. Waitlisted individuals will be contacted and offered a seat prior to advertising for future workshops.

December 2019:

Topic: Intro to R for Biologists

Dates: Thursday-Friday, December 5-6

Instructors: Michael Chimenti, PhD; Henry Keen, PhD; Diana Kolbe, PhD

Summary/learning objective: In this 2-day workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of working with data in the R language in a live-coding format.  We will cover R and R Studio, importing datasets, introduction to the "tidyverse" and tidy data, plotting and visualization, and more.  No prior experience with R or coding is required.  Participants may bring their own laptops (Mac/PC) with R and Rstudio installed or use one of the IIHG's iMac teaching computers.  At the end of the workshop, participatns should feel comfortable doing basic operations in R Studio and importing and working with new packages and modules to solve computational biology problems.

PDF iconIntroduction to R Day 1.pdf

PDF iconIntroduction to R Day 2.pdf