Resources and Software

Loaner Laptop Program

A laptop with pre-installed bioinformatics software is available to be checked out from the IIHG Bioinformatics Division free of charge to members of the IIHG and their labs. Several of the software licenses require the installation happen on a machine with a specific internet address, so the loaner laptop allows us to share the software with more people on campus. The loaner laptop also allows people to use bioinformatics software they may not have permissions to install and/or allow them to use software they may only have intermittent uses for.

Some of the software on the loaner laptop includes PartekGS (which can also be installed on your workstation); Genome studio, which is useful for processing raw Illumina microarray experiments; and R studio, which is freely available but make take some work to install.

The laptop may be checked out by emailing Standard check out is for two days, however longer check out may be available depending on demand and availability.



The IIHG also has a local instance of Galaxy, a very friendly way to access high throughput bioinformatics tools through a web browser interface. If you have a hawkid, you can simply click here and set up an account. Please note, the Galaxy install is free to use and does not limit storage resources like the main instance of Galaxy. However, if you have more than 500Gb of storage for more than three months, we will begin to bill for storage according to our fee schedule.


The IIHG also has access to GenomeTrax®, a highly-specialized database useful for annotating human variants. Due to licensing terms, it is only currently available to members of the Iowa Institute of Human Genetics. It is in the form of a Mysql database which is very useful for high throughput programmatic access but it does not have a friendly user interface. This software is primarily for advanced users.

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis®

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis® (IPA) is one of the industry's leading software tools used to model, analyze and understand the complex biological and chemical systems at the core of life sciences research. IPA may be used for several applications, including transcriptomics, microRNA analysis, target discovery, drug repositioning, proteomics and metabolomics. To learn more about the University of Iowa's IPA license and how to get access click here.

Partek Genome Studio®

Partek Genome Studio offers point and click analysis for microarray and limited next generation analysis.  Please contact for more information.