DNA on chalkboardThe IIHG is engaged in education at multiple levels from community research to continuing training for health care providers, molecular scientists and geneticists.

For the Scientific and Medical Communities

The IIHG seeks to link its research and clinical missions through education for the scientific community. Our plans include becoming a part of departmental grand rounds in an effort to share knowledge across various disciplines. This shared knowledge will provide a basis for interdisciplinary and collaborative research efforts.

The IIHG will also provide an annual summer bioinformatics short course for the scientific community. These short courses will focus on bioinformatic analysis of genomic data and emerging technologies. For more information about these courses, click here

The groups also plans to host and sponsor various lectures, guest speakers and scientific workshops throughout the calendar year.


Plans are also underway to provide a forum for the general public to learn more about genetics and the implications of ongoing research in the state. The IIHG plans to host an evening lecture series on various genetic topics of interest to the general public. We also hope to provide educational materials online to inform the community as well as patients and their families about genetics testing and genetic diseases.