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Careers in Human Genetics Information Day

Careers Day

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics (IIHG) holds Careers in Human Genetics Information Days to expose students interested in learning more about career opportunities in genetics. This opportunity is a great way for students to discuss first hand different careers in genetics and ask questions in a small group setting. During the session, students may meet with a core lab director, bioinformatician, genetic counselor, research scientist, lab manager/lab compliance director, medical geneticist, and molecular geneticists. Discussions will include the education and training required for each position, and descriptions of the daily activities for each position.

Who should attend?

Undergraduate students, recent college graduates, or educators wishing to learn more about careers in human genetics.

When are these sessions offered?

These programs are usually offered two times a year. Please contact iihg@uiowa.edu for additional details and availability.

  • Monday, May 24, 2021 - Virtual (Zoom)
    Registration is required and will open Monday, May 10

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What is the typical schedule?

Schedules include discussions with discussions with a variety of IIHG staff from different disciplines within the genetics field. Here is what the virtual event will look like on Monday, May 21:

Sample Virtual Career Day Schedule
Time Title
11:00am-11:05am Welcome and Orientation
11:05am-12:00pm What is Personalized Genomic Medicine?

Panel Discussion - You may hear from experts in: Dual Careers - Public Policy and Healthcare Administration; Research Laboratory Director; Genetic Counseling; High Performance Computing/Systems Administration; Bioinformatics; Laboratory Test Development; Physician Scientist; Public Health

1:45pm--1:50pm Break
1:50pm-3:00pm Networking/breakout sessions - Participants will be distributed to breakout rooms, speakers will then rotate to each room for small group discussion.
3:00pm-4:00pm Pharmacogenetic Exercise
4:00pm-4:05pm Wrap up


Where is the event located?

The event on Monday, May 21, is virtual and will be hosted via Zoom.

How do I sign up?






Please send any questions you may have to iihg@uiowa.edu.