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Graduate Education

Applying to Genetic Counseling Graduate Programs

This informative event offers participants a panel of genetic counselors who will speak about their experiences applying to training programs, as well as their roles and daily activities.

Careers in Bioinformatics and Big Data Information Session

These information sessions allows students to discover careers specifically related to the handling and processing of large data sets created by personalized genomic medicine.

Careers in Human Genetics Information Day

Interested in genetics as a possible career field? Careers in Human Genetics Information Day exposes students to careers in the field with the opportunity for discussion with university faculty and staff.

How to Draw a Family Tree (Pedigree)

Learn how to draw a pedigree depicting family history and genetic information.

Topics in Human Genetics Self-Guided Webinar Series

A short course available to provide persons familiar with genetics an overview of gene identification, molecular genetics, complex disease, next generation sequencing and personalized genetic medicine.

University of Iowa Graduate Programs