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Postdoctoral Education

Careers in Human Genetics Information Day

Interested in genetics as a possible career field? Careers in Human Genetics Information Day exposes students to careers in the field with the opportunity for discussion with university faculty and staff.

How to Draw a Family Tree (Pedigree)

Learn how to draw a pedigree depicting family history and genetic information.

Office of Postdoctoral Scholars

 The Office of Postdoctoral Scholars (OPDS) serves as the administrative home for UI postdoctoral scholars and fellows.

Opportunities and Fellowships 

The University of Iowa is home to several NIH-funded postdoctoral opportunities and fellowships covering a broad variety of health related fields.

Postdoctoral Career Enhancement Group

The Postdoctoral Career Enhancement Group promotes interactions amongst postdoctoral fellows, provides an opportunity to share data and technical expertise and promotes career awareness and job skills.