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Residency and Fellowships

Medical Genetics Residency Program

Iowa's ACGME-accredited Medical Genetics Residency Program provides exceptional training opportunities in clinical care, research and education.

Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program

The Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship includes six months of hands-on training in the Molecular Pathology Laboratory divided into three blocks with special emphasis on molecular genetics, infectious disease and oncology.  Another three to four months are spent within the Genetics Division of the Department of Pediatrics.

NIH-funded Training Programs

The University of Iowa is home to several NIH-funded postdoctoral training programs supporting training for postdoctoral scholars and clinical fellows in the health sciences.

The following NIH-funded training programs are currently active at The University of Iowa.  These programs support training for postdoctoral scholars and clinical fellows in the health sciences.

Cardiovascular Interdisciplinary Research Fellowship

Director: Francois Abboud, MD

Hematologic and Oncologic Diseases of Childhood

Director: M. Sue O'Dorisio, MD, PhD

Interdisciplinary Training Program in Pain Research

Director: Donna L. Hammond, PhD

Multidisciplinary Lung Research Career Development Program

Director: Michael J. Welsh, MD

Pain and Associated Symptoms: Nurse Research Training

Keela Herr, PhD, RN, FAAN, AGSF

Program in Hematology: Molecular and Cell Biology in Blood Cells

Director: Steven Lentz, MD, PhD

Research Training in Infectious Diseases

Director: Jack Stapleton, MD

Research Training in the Major Psychoses and Clinical Neurobiology

Director: Nancy C. Andreasen, MD, PhD

Research Training Program for Otolaryngology

Director: Bruce J. Gantz, MD

Research Training Program in Pediatric Cardiology

Director: Thomas D. Scholz, MD

Surgical Oncology Research Training Program

Director: Ronald Weigel, MD, PhD

Training in Kidney Disease, Hypertension, Cell Biology

Director: John B. Stokes, MD

Training in Mechanisms of Parasitism

Director: John E. Donelson, PhD