The IIHG Genomics Division operates the Affymetrix GeneChip and the Illumina iScan Microarray Systems. The division operates the Affymetrix GeneChip Model 3000 GeneChip Scanners (with the 7G upgrade) for high density GeneChip array scanning. The scanning instruments can be used to process and analyze the small feature size arrays (used whole genome expression analysis), 1000K mapping arrays, exon arrays, and tiling arrays. The division uses the Illumina BeadArray iScan array scanner as well as the equipment necessary to run the Infinium BeadArrays. The Infinium arrays can be used for expression, genotyping, and methylation profiling studies.

How to get started

Investigators must contact and/or meet with the IIHG Genomics Division microarray personnel before embarking on their microarray experiments. During the meeting, the microarray personnel will discuss experimental design, sample preparation, fees, and analysis.

Investigators may submit purified total/polyA RNA or DNA, depending on the type of experiment, and the IIHG Genomics Division will perform all the steps necessary to complete data collection. Alternatively, the investigator may elect to perform their own sample processing and then provide their sample to the IIHG Genomics Division for hybridization to the array and scan. The microarray results are provided in formats that are compatible with most commercial or freeware microarray analysis programs.

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Contact Information

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