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2022 Immunology Research-in-Progress

Thursday, November 17
Location: CBRB 1289

Speaker: Dr. Shujie Yang

"Understanding SETDB1 mediated tumor immune escape mechanism in endometrial cancer"

Thursday, December 15
Location: CBRB 1289

Speaker: Dr. Zizhen Kang

Title: TBA

Thursday, January 19
4:00 PM
Location: TBA

Speaker: Dr. Seth Welsh

"Of mice and MYC; using immunomodulation and super-enhancer targeting to treat multiple myeloma"

Thank You Spring 2022 Immunology Speakers!

Dr. Shailesh Shahi
“Contributions of obesity and an altered gut microbiota to the severity of CNS autoimmune inflammatory disease”

Dr. Shaoping Zhang
"The ACT1-IL-17 Pathway Strengthens Gingival Defense against Invading Periodontal Pathogens"

Dr. Thorsten Maretzky
"Underlying functions of iRhom2 in tissue homeostasis and inflammation"

Dr. Alberto Aguilar Briseno
"Marburg virus glycoprotein antagonizes IFN responses in macrophages"

Thank You 2021 Immunology Speakers!

Dr. Rahul Vijay
"Hemolysis-associated phosphatidylserine exposure promotes polyclonal plasmablast differentiation during infection"

Dr. Alexander Boyden
"B cells and myelin proteolipid protein in CNS autoimmunity"

Dr. Adam Mailloux
"Strategies for the Next Generation of Adoptive T cell Therapies”

Dr. Beth Dinoff
"Painful v. Painless Neuropathy"

Dr. George Weiner
“How in the world did I end up here?” – my path toward starting a cancer immunotherapy diagnostic company.

Dr. Aliasger Salem
“Nanoparticles for Vaccine Delivery”

Dr. Zeb Zacharaias
“Human Immunology Core”

Dr. Lok-Yin Roy Wong
“Perlman Lab”

Thank You 2020 Immunology Speakers!

Dr. Munir Tanas
"Mechanisms of TAZ and YAP activation in sarcomas"

Dr. Lilliana Radoshevich
"Understanding ISGylation as a host defense mechanism using label-free quantitative proteomics"

Dr. Thomas Lynch
"FOXP3+ and BCL6+ cells within Tertiary Lymphoid Organs Differentiate Obstructive and Restrictive Forms of Chronic Lung Allograft Dysfunction in Ferret"

Dr. Nedim Ince
"Linking T helper-2 Pathway to Mixed Chimeric Immune Regulation"