Paloma H. Giangrande, PhD

Associate Professor of Internal Medicine - Hematology, Oncology and Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology

Contact Information

5202 MERF
Iowa City, IA 52242

Primary Office


BA, Wheaton College
PhD, Duke

Education/Training Program Affiliations

Free Radical and Radiation Biology Graduate Program, Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine, Medical Scientist Training Program

Center, Program and Institute Affiliations

Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center

Research Summary

Dr. Giangrande's research interests include developing RNA-based therapeutics to modulate cellular pathways underlying pathological cell proliferation in the setting of cancer and cardiovascular disease. One area of Dr. Giangrande’s lab focuses on selecting RNA aptamers to receptors expressed on the surface of target-cells with SELEX (Systematic Evolution of Ligands by EXponential Enrichment) for the purpose of 1) modulating receptor function and/or 2) delivering therapeutic molecules (e.g. siRNAs, antimirs, drugs) into specific cell types. Ultimately, the goal is to develop safer, more effective therapeutic reagents that can be systemically delivered in vivo. A second area of interest of the Giangrande lab is optimization of aptamer-siRNA technology. The lab is currently looking at optimizing three aspects of aptamer-siRNA technology: 1) silencing potential, 2) intracellular delivery, and 3) pharmaco kinetics/ pharmacodynamics for systemic delivery. Finally, a third interest of the Giangrande lab is to use genomic/proteomic methodologies to acquire important insights into the mechanisms of pathological cell proliferation. In addition to providing useful mechanistic information, this knowledge will be used to identify novel membrane proteins that can be targeted with therapeutic RNAs for treating cancer or pathological vascular hyperplasia.