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Postdoctoral Opportunities


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INSPIRE Fellowship

The Iowa Neuroscience Specialty Program In Research Education (INSPIRE) is an NIMH (National Institute of Mental Health) funded, T-32 training program that integrates translational neuroscience with an emphasis on a lifespan trajectory perspective. Qualified applicants will be matched with a mentor from either the Department of Psychiatry or the Iowa Neuroscience Institute. Research must cover mental illness, brain function, and/or behavior.

Baer Fellowship

With the support of the Sidney R. Baer Junior Foundation we are able to offer a world-class training program for fellows interested in practicing medicine and conducting research at the interface of neurology and psychiatry, with emphasis on training in areas relevant to developing innovative new therapies using brain stimulation, or neuromodulation.


Contact PIs for details about additional postdoc opportunities

Mechanisms of Neuronal Plasticity

The Avrama Blackwell Laboratory in the Roy J. Carver Department of Biomedical Engineering is hiring two postodoctoral scholars. One position will contribute to NIH supported, cutting-edge research on synaptic plasticity in the basal ganglia, by performing experiments using electrophysiological and optogenetic methods in brain slices of mouse models. One position will contribute to NIH supported, cutting-edge research in computational systems biology & computational neuroscience by further development of our open-source, stochastic reaction-diffusion software, NeuroRD and further development of parameter optimization software.

Human Brain Research Laboratory

The Greenlee laboratory is recruiting postdocs to investigate control of speech and interactions between motor and sensory systems related to speech. Opportunity to work with human patient volunteers undergoing neurosurgical treatment.

Computational and Behavioral Neuroscience

Blumberg Lab: Highly skilled and motivated postdoctoral scholars will learn to perform experiments in neurophysiology and sleep, as well as develop computational models based on years of spike and LFP data collected in infant rats and, more recently, human infants.

Forebrain Control of Breathing

Dlouhy Lab: We are currently seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral fellow with prior experience in electrophysiology and respiratory related research.


Abel Lab: Successful candidates will join a cohort of postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in the lab that use molecular, genetic, behavioral and electrophysiological approaches to study memory storage in work that is funded by three NIH RO1 grants.

Neuroscience and Metabolism

Potthoff LabA highly motivated postdoctoral scholar will work on NIH-funded research projects to study the neurobiology of metabolism, body weight control, and macronutrient preference. 

Neuroscience and Cardiology

Sabharwal Lab: A postdoctoral research scholar position in the Department of Internal Medicine - Cardiovascular Medicine Division to study the central mechanisms of emotional stress induced morbidity in heart failure.

Rahmouni Lab: A highly motivated postdoctoral scholar is needed for funded research on the neurobiology of energy homeostasis, autonomic regulation and blood pressure control relating to obesity.