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ARD - Arytenoid Repositioning Device

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Standard approaches to arytenoid adduction and abduction require:

  • Neck incision
  • Transection of muscles
  • Removal of cartilage
  • Mobilization of the pyriform sinus
  • Dissection close to the carotid artery to place a suture in the muscular process of the arytenoid
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Placement of ARD (for abduction or adduction) requires:

  • Small anterior neck incision
  • No transection of muscles
  • No removal of cartilage
  • No mobilization of the pyriform sinus
  • No dissection close to the carotid artery to place the device employing an 18-gauge trocar through the cricothyroid membrane into the paraglottic space to engage the muscular process of the arytenoid​

Additional Benefits of the ARD:

  • 'Minimal Access Surgery'
  • Reversible
  • Permits positioning of arytenoid with greater precision than a suture


  • Unilateral laryngeal paralysis
  • Arytenoid subluxation/dislocation repositioning


  • Bilateral laryngeal paralysis
  • Acute placement (at time of thyroidectomy) chronic
  • Posterior glottic scarring - ancillary measure to grafting

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