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Baha Instrument Tray

last modified on: Thu, 02/15/2018 - 13:48

Baha Instrument Tray

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1 Cochlear Surgical Organizer, titanium

1 Cochlear Dissector

1 Cochlear Forceps, titanium

1 Cochlear Cylinder Wrench

1 Cochlear Screwdriver, unigrip

1 Cochler Counter Torque Wrench

1 Cochlear Raspatorium

1 Connection to handpiece

1 Cochlear Fixture Mount, unigrip with screw

1 Cochlear Indicator for BAHA

1 Cochlear Machine Screwdriver, unigrip

1 Cochlear Drill Indicator

1 Cochlear Hexagon Screwdriver

1 Cochlear Abutment Inserter

1 Cochlear Dermatome Driver Pin (#90356 black)

1 Cochlear Dermabrator Head, WS-75

1 Cochlear Wrench