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Checklist for NPFS (COVID pandemic) for Aerosol Containment during Laryngoscopy

return to: Negative Pressure Face Shield (NPFS) for Transnasal Laryngoscopy to Mitigate Dispersion of Bioaerosol in COVID Era

see also: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1002/lio2.437 and: Transnasal Laryngoscopy in COVID-19 Era - Method for Additional Protection with Disposable Mask

Checklist for Transnasal Laryngoscopy with NPFS (Negative Pressure Face Shield)

Assemble materials in test room

  1. Pulse oximeter
  2. Functioning black writing utensils for dry erase board
  3. Suction tubing with attachment
  4. Small caliber flexible trans-nasal laryngoscope 
  5. Patient data entered into computer
  6. Take a picture with the flexible scope to ensure computer recording is functional
  7. Clear plastic tape
  8. H-100 Halyard 30” x 30” SMS wrap in clean utility rm lower shelf behind door
  9. Umbilical tie (trach-tie) length of 3-4 feet Tape White Twill ½” 36 yd roll Item ID 144278
  10. Scissors
  11. Nasal spray 4% with phenylephrine
  12. Extensions for nasal spray
  13. Sani-wipes or virex spray with dry wipes
  14. Have empty trash can open out of its usual enclosed area so can drop used sani-wipes and other used PPE in it
  15. Q-tip (out on table)
  16. Acrylic NPFS (face shield) is cleaned after each use and stored at end of day in locked clean room on stand in there