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Collett-Sicard Syndrome

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see also: Vernet's Syndrome (Jugular foramen Syndrome) Laryngeal paralysis

Collett-Sicard Syndrome is a constellation of cranial nerve IX-XII defcits caused by a lesion at the jugular foramen, such as Vagal Schwannoma- Rads of glomus jugulare tumor.

Clinical Picture - CN IX-XII deficits

Unilateral- unilateral velopharyngeal incompetence (CN IX), unilateral vocal fold paralysis (CN X), trapezius weakness (CNXI), hemitongue atrophy (CNXII).

Jugular Foramen Syndrome

Affected Cranial Nerves

Collet-Sicard syndrome


Villaret syndrome

IX,X,XI,XII sympathetic chain (Horner's syndrome)

Vernet syndrome


Jackson syndrome


Schmidt syndrome


Tapia syndrome



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