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Vagal Schwannoma - Radiology

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  • Also called neuroschwannoma, neuroma, or neurilemmoma (Loperfido 2023)
  • Around 25-45% of extracranial schwannomas occur in the head and neck region (Sandler 2019)
  • Benign uncommon tumor of the CN X Schawnn cells (Loperfido 2023)
  • Most cases present between the 3rd to 5th decades; female = male (Loperfido 2023)
  • Usually asymptomatic but may cause hoarsness due to vocal cord paralysis (Loperfido 2023)
  • Larger tumors may present with dysphagia, dysphonia, and dyspnea due to airway obstruction (Loperfido 2023)
  • Displaces internal jugular vein posterolaterally; displaces common and internal carotid arteries anteriorly (Sandler 2019)
  • Ultrasound: "round or elliptical cross-section with a clear edge and an internal echo reflective of histology"; may have cystic changes (Loperfido 2023)
  • On CT: Muscle density mass on non-contrast, uniformly enhancing and well-circumscribed mass with contrast
  • On MR: variable signal with no flow voids on T1, hyperintense with possible cystic structures on T2, dense and uniform enhancement of T1 post-contrast

 T1-weighted MR


T2-weighted MR



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