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Complication From Lip Biopsy for Sjogrens with Mucocele Formation (Granulation Tissue)

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For Initial Surgery Details, see: Lip Biopsy for Sjogren's Syndrome (Minor Salivary Gland Biopsy) Using Chalazion Clamp

Lower Lip Bump (Mucocele) Minor Salivary Gland Traumatic Lesion with Histopathology

Modified Operative Note

Procedure: Resection of left lower lip mucocele (unroofing with removal of minor salivary gland)

Preop Diagnosis: Left lower lip mucocele following lip biopsy establishing Sjogren's syndrome

Postop Diagnosis: Same

Anesthesia: 2% lidocaine with 100,000 epinephrine to the tissue about the left lower lip mucocele

Description of Procedure: Following identification the patient informed consent and a brief timeout in the minor room the lower lip was wiped once with a Betadine swab after the above-mentioned anesthesia had time to set in. Employing loupe magnification forceps and scissors were used with the lip everted to remove the overlying mucosa identifying 1 enlarged minor salivary gland which is also resected in a very superficial fashion with specimen sent for pathology.

Meticulous attention to bipolar cautery allowed for very minimal and superficial cautery to allow for the wound to be stable with no bleeding. Instructions were given regarding use of the peroxide she is used previously and a request that she perhaps send me images intermittently by email for follow-up with the telemedicine follow-up targeted as above.